Tune Up

What's in a Tune Up?

Low power...rough idling...knocks and pings...hard start...misfires...hesitates...runs rough...engine runs on after key is exhaust.

This is just a partial list of some of the symptoms indicating that your car needs a tune up. But, for every one of these symptoms there can also be a simple explanation, such as a vacuum leak, a failure in the emission system, incorrect timing, and idle speed. Even with none of the above symptoms you should plan on a complete tune up at 30,000 miles.

A check of the plugs is also a good idea at the halfway mark, 15,000 miles. (The midpoint check could help preserve fuel economy and may save you some headaches later on). When comparing costs of tune up, be sure you know just what your technician includes in the cost.

  • Is there a compression check or computer analysis?
  • Are there appropriate adjustments to engine idle speed, ignition timing, vacuum and mechanical advance?
  • Are rotor, distributer cap, coil, spark plug wires, emission and PCV systems all part of a complete examination?
  • Are replacement pats first quality?
  • Most importantly, is the vehicle road tested before it is released to you?

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